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Fullerene is the third single crystal carbon allotrope discovered by mankind.
Take C60 as an example, it is composed of 60 carbon atoms to form 12 five-membered rings and 20 six-menbered rings, forming a hollow symmetrical molecule like a football.


1g of this magical substance was once worth 11 Boeing 737 airplanes, with a price of 100 million pounds. It won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 and is known as a gift from God to mankind!

Why is it so magical and precious? How will its emergence revolutionize the beauty industry?

Fullerene discoverers who won the Nobel Prize

Fullerenes and their Use in Cosmetics
Known as the Diamond
Grade Ingredients | Nano Prince | Free Radical Killer | Antioxidant King in cosmetics industry.
Fullerene is currently the most effective ingredient to solve skin free radical problems.
It starts the revolution of free radicals. Its antioxidant capacity is 172 times that of vitamin C. When fullerene skin care products are applied at one time, it can penetrate deep to the bottom of the skin and can effectively remove free radicals for 11 hours due to its being only 0.7 nanometers, which will be valid for 48 hours.


Rare | Precious |Miraculous Effect | Authority | Prestigious

Rare: Preparation requires extremely advanced technology and complicated procedures, and the annual global output is extremely low.

Precious: its price once reaches 100 million pounds per gram, and the value is equivalent to 11 Boeing 737 aircrafts.

Miraculous effect: nano-level penetration makes it can effectively remove harmful free radicals, instantly revitalizing the skin, and the effect is immediate.

Authority: It has 28 global patents and copyright certifications including China, the United States, Japan and the European Union

Prestigious: Fullerene enjoys many reputations and is known as the "diamond-level ingredient" in cosmetics

According to the national non-special cosmetics record data

249 new registrations were added in 2017 for fullerene products
26 new records were added in December 2017
59 new records were added in January 2018
In February 2018, 21 new records were added in 9 days
The monthly growth rate of fullerene products is as high as 120%
Reduce Winkles
Delay skin aging
Smooth fine wrinkles
Resist the formation of melanin
Brighten skin colour
Restore skin elasticity
Improve sagging problems
Promote collagen regeneration​​​​​​​
Moisturize and lock water​​​​​​​
Enhance the barrier capacity of the skin
Long-lasting moisturizing, long-lasting moisture retention
The effect is immediate after one use | Significantly improved skin problems in seven days | Skin continued to improve after 15 days of not use

Take the lead in creating fullerene beauty anti-aging products

Huge investment in research and development | Nobel Prize ingredients | Ultimate anti-aging experience | Broad market prospects
· Invested more than 60 million RMB Yuan to research and develop fullerene beauty antiaging products for more than three years;
· The professional team provides the ultimate service, providing perfect and strong guarantee;
· Rich choices for the entire product line to meet the various customized needs of customers;
· Brand new Nobel Prize ingredients and excellent products, leading the new format of the 
beauty industry.
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