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Price Guiding – How much does it cost to start a cosmetic product?
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Price Guiding – How much does it cost to start a cosmetic product?

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Price Guiding – How much does it cost to start a cosmetic product?

A lot of new customers inquiries about private label cosmetics price, and send the inquiries to us similar below.

Hello, I am looking to start up my business by launching a cosmetics line. How much your products?

Actually customizing cosmetics well flexible, and there can be many prices.

  • Who’s your ideal customer? High-end market, mid-range market or low-end market?

  • Do you plan to sell the goods in which country market?

  • Which type of cosmetics do you like to develop, lipstick, lip gloss, or eyeshadow

What we do is based on your specification to provide you a competitive price while guaranteeing the quality.


Detailed analysis

The cosmetics price can be roughly divided into 6 parts.

Price= Cosmetic material + Packaging (tubes/container) + Packing material + Labor cost + Profit


1. Makeup formulation

The content used for eyes, lips, and face.

• Normally we quote based on standard quality.

• Material cost can be controlled when making samples, as engineers can use tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars raw materials.

Cosmetics regulations are a little bit different in some countries. Such as some ingredients can be used in Europe, but forbidden use in the USA. So sometimes we need to use other same effect or more expensive ingredients instead.

How to choose makeup material quality(formula)?

Ⅰ. We recommend existing mature formulas

We can send our makeup test sample for you test, and the makeup formula can be updated based on your feedback.

Ⅱ. Customer provided quality sample

normally our engineers can copy famous brand goods formula if you can provide sample

Ⅲ. Customized formula according to the requirements

2. Primary packaging  ( direct contact with cosmetic product )

Many types of packaging to contain various types of cosmetic products(make-up, skincare, fragrances, wipes, …): Container, bottles, tubes, aerosols, jars

Many materials: plastics(PET, PP, PE), glass, metals, paper, wood…

Different level of complexity: simple to very complex packaging (eg: pumps)

Different tube / container comes with different material, design which the price sometimes quite different.


Obviously below gold container Luxurious than the black one


If black one do the same shiny gold color add cost around 0.1-0.2USD, and the cost that depends on the container size


Mold cost:

If you design a whole new plastic tube/container, which the size or structure not the same as our products

Mold cost around 5,000-50,000 USD that depends on the design, and the size.

•  No mold cost, if design and develop according to existing products

•  No mold cost, if design and develop Paper/ Cardboard palette

3. Secondary packaging

(e.g. color box, plastic display tray, bottom label, Opp bag, shrink film etc.

Which packing way should choose? That depends on how you’re going to sell your products.

Are you selling online or in-store? In small boutiques or in large retailers?

Different raw paper material/printing procedural which price quite different.


4. Labor cost

There will be costs for each link, as doing private label cosmetics order that is multi-link cooperation.

From purchase, production, logistics distribution, all need to invest a lot of resources and work with different material suppliers.

5. Profit

Reasonable profits can help us to continue operation and expansion, provide better customer service, after-sales service.

As above, you can see there are many factors affecting the private label cosmetics price. That need to consider all above-mentioned factors before drawing a conclusion.

If you keep looking for low prices, you may lose quality if you get a price.

Quality Is Our Culture, work with us your money in safe and your business in safe

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