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Private Label

Get the edge you need, increase your margins and build your brand!
We deal in private label makeup, skincare, body care, face care and 
ensure you to provide a unique solution for every beauty products.

About Private Label

Are you looking to start your own makeup line? Olehana Private Label Cosmetics Line offers a wide range of luxury makeup beauty as well as skincare products. You can choose from our vast library of thousands of formulas which are ready to be sold under you brand name. With our premium quality and low minimum order quantity, our fully stocked private label line is ready for you to label or can be professionally printed for you.

The advantages of using our private label products are low minimums, fast production introductions, and no product development costs. Welcome to consult by email or phone, we’re looking forward to solving your problems and growing your business quickly!
Throughout these last three decades, we have concluded that the most important part of the private label process is ensuring that we understand you, your brand, and your goals – essentially, your vision. That’s why our highly trained sales experts work with you to guide you through the private label process; asking the right questions to help craft the perfect product line for your clientele.
Private Label Products
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    Private Label Makeup
    Private label makeup solutions in different categories like lips makeup, eyes makeup, face makeup, cheeks makeup, makeup remover and more.
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    Private Label Skincare
    Private label skincare solutions in different categories like face, mask, massage, body & hand, bath & shower, cleanser, baby care and more.


01 - Explore, Evaluate & Test Products

We recognize the importance of allowing you to test the products that will display your brand or business name. You should be confident that the products you are offering are absolutely the best in terms of quality and performance. Our helpful client services representatives will guide you through the product selection and sample ordering process.

02 – Select Packaging from In-Stock Collection

Offering one of the largest selections of in-stock packaging in the professional market, Olehana works with premium packaging suppliers so you will feel confident that the packaging your products are sold in are reliable, chic and upscale. Mix and match between our many collections to create your own unique look.

03 – Create & Finalize Logo & Product Label

Whether you are just starting out or have an existing brand, our expert graphic artists will help interpret your logo vision into a finished product label design. Our cloud based editing and approval system make finalizing your prototype designs and finished labels inclusive and simple. A streamlined graphic review and set up process can take as few as 5 days.

04 – Be Creative - Name Your Products

Custom names and descriptions help you carve out a unique platform from which to market and promote your line. This is particularly beneficial for those clients who intend to grow their product business into a stand-alone skin or body care brand. Clients also have the option of color coding product labels and supplying bilingual label content.

05 – Place Your Order & Start Selling

A custom order form will be provided listing all the details unique to your company which makes it easy to order and reorder as your products sell. You should expect to receive your first shipment 2-3 weeks after you have approved your labels and placed your opening order. Typical reorders are 2 weeks plus transit time.

06 – Marketing, Collateral Materials & Training

Our work doesn’t end with the shipment of your products, we want to help you make the most of your new skin or body care brand. We can connect you with suppliers who specialize in sales optimization materials and print media. We also offer product knowledge training to help you understand how to use and recommend the products you carry.


Private Makeup and Skincare Products
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Guangzhou Olehana Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a globally manufacturer of turnkey private label cosmetic & skincare products and leader in the custom formulation of scientifically-proven, naturally-effective personal care products. 

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