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Using a manufacturing turnkey process through private label skin care products: From product formulation to shipping
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Using a manufacturing turnkey process through private label skin care products: From product formulation to shipping

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Using a manufacturing turnkey process through private label skin care products: From product formulation to shipping

Using a manufacturing turnkey process through private label skin care products: From product formulation to shipping

As a new brand in the cosmetic industry, the time it takes you to produce your product to the time of shipment can play a huge role in affecting your chances of getting to your target market. This crucial time-factor is sometimes the difference why most cosmetic/beauty brands are more successful than others.

For most new cosmetic brands just starting in the business, the turnkey manufacturing process is more than just a lifeline. Sometimes, this can determine if your new cosmetic brand can withstand the demands of the industry. Most new brands approach a private label skin care product manufacturer to take advantage of their turnkey processes. But if you are considering this method of product manufacturing, certain things need to be known.

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The total turnkey process

The Private label turnkey manufacture process: From product idea to strategic execution.

A private label skin care product manufacturer uses a tailored process for new brands to help address their needs. This means that no two turnkey processes are the same. However, product development, packaging and manufacturing are all done in a single location. A private label skin care product manufacturer is a “one-stop-shop” for all services needed in the cosmetic production process. 

The turnkey process is very crucial to new brands because the private label company is essentially a single vendor that manages all the steps involved. From product development down to its distribution, clients who use a private label manufacturer can increase their speed to market their new products at a much lower cost. As a client for a private label company, new cosmetic brands stand to benefit from a superlative mixture of all the best ingredients involved in the manufacturing process. By ingredients we mean: processes, technology, science, expertise, ingenuity and more.

Enabling speed to market and quality

From the laboratory to the truck, there are roughly five major steps in the turnkey manufacture process of private label manufacturers. Products are designed and developed to save money and time for clients regardless of size, location, or the type of product. As a client of private label developers, most cosmetic brands may not be able to begin the process. 

The private label manufacturer will usually make the process flexible enough to allow the client to join the process at any stage of product development. Whatever stage the client meets them, they will certainly bring all products across the finish line. They are usually equipped with the right tools, processes, technology, and sophisticated equipment to meet the various (and often wide) needs of the different customers.

The steps to the private label manufacturing turnkey process.

First step: Consulting with the Private label company

As soon as a new cosmetic brand meets up with a private label product developer, they talk about the needs of the company. There is also a detailed discussion of several objectives. During the consultation stage, they are both also able to curate a clear and precise strategy. 

Depending on the stage of your product development, the private label company will plan based on that. Some new brands may have had internal product development teams and could be looking for manufacturing expertise; some others might need start-to-finish product development solutions. Whatever the needs of the new brands, private label companies have experts plus the right approach to help the new business reach its goals.

Second Step: Product Formulation

i). New Products

For new products, most private label companies usually get their experienced scientists, management team, and chemists to create product development and image branding for the intended commercial image of the new brand. 

For instance, the new cosmetic brand might decide to create a product line around coconut, sea animals, Australian clay, or any other substance. The Private label company will then develop and try out a new formula that matches the needed application and ingredients of the specified product. 

Right from the beginning of the process all through to the end, the new business gets a proven informed, thoughtful, and proven approach which results completely in the intended product that was specified earlier.

Existing Lines/Brands

The turnkey process also works for existing brands looking to create new products. The private label company creates the product based on the intended application or format, whether it be serums, scrubs, mud masks, facial sheet masks, or any other solution. 

They also consider improving existing lines by suggesting better ingredients that might improve existing formulas. The private label company works in such a way that if they lack the intended formulation, they will create it. They usually formulate ingredients not present in their database.

Third Step: The manufacturing process

Most private label manufacturers create a wide range of products in their huge facility. They have a thorough value-driven and innovative approach to products. This excellent manufacturing model is used to deliver excellent product quality, minimum waste, and an excellent chance to improve profitability. This makes it possible for companies and brands of every size to get access to some of the most excellent manufacturers.

Fourth Step: Packaging

In terms of product packaging, most private label companies combine the functions of design, performance, and quality. For this to be achieved, they satisfy a list of capabilities to make sure that the final product meets the needs of the end-users and look like what was specified. Several questions are developed to go about product packaging. They are:

• What type of information about the product would people expect to be on the product package?

• What type of label is needed?

• How simple is the product dispensing method?

• How suitable is the product container in preserving the product in between uses?

• How well do customers respond to the product packaging when on market shelves?

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The private label company is then able to come about a particular format based on information gathered from these questions. With agreed answers and solutions, they then deploy their technology in producing the most excellent packaging for the customer.

Fifth Step: Product Fulfilment

The final aspect of the turnkey process is product fulfilment. The client can sample submissions for the finished product to be signed-off. Throughout the different product development stages, clients the private label companies retain approval. This includes the mixture sampling process, proofing of packaging and artwork, and then pricing of the product. Certainly, all the information involving formulas and products are confidentially kept to avoid them from getting into the hands of third-parties.

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